The concept behind the Environmental Policy of the Plastik Group was driven by the awareness of an important and strong bond between our companies and the land.

The Plastik Group is committed to ensuring the preservation and protection of the environment and to pursuing continual improvement of its environmental performance by minimising the risks of pollution connected to the activities undertaken and to the products/services provided.  

In accordance with these commitments, we undertake to reach the following goals:

  • Observe current legislation and any voluntary agreements in matters of significant environmental impacts;
  • Eliminate the risks to people’s safety and protection of the environment based on the knowledge acquired as a result of technical advancements and, where this is not possible, reduce these risks to a minimum by, if possible, acting on the causes that gave rise to the same;
  • Adopt a plan for the prevention and management of emergencies of environmental nature;
  • Continually check the production process and monitor the environmental aspects/impacts of the same;
  • Ensure that the suppliers of goods and services are fully aware of the contents of the environmental policy;
  • Communicate in a transparent manner our environmental performance to the local community and to customers to gain and increase their confidence in the activities and products/services offered;
  • Rationalise the use of natural and energy resources;
  • Commit to managing waste in a way that, where possible, favours recovery and recycling over disposal.

This Environmental Policy is disseminated to all levels and it is the duty of everyone to work together actively, within their spheres of responsibility, to improve the Environmental Management System. We guarantee, through subsequent monitoring activities, that this policy is included and implemented and the goals declared are pursued.

We are committed to supplying the necessary technical, economic and professional resources to ensure that achieve the environmental policy goals defined in this document are fully achieved. The defined goals involve:

When DEVELOPING new recipes/formulations we take into consideration their sustainability and environmental impact
We monitor and check the emissions and study solutions with suppliers to reduce the impact
We look for solutions that optimise the logistics of incoming and outgoing goods in collaboration with customers and suppliers
We check the efficiency of in-line regeneration and recycling systems
We monitor energy consumption and choose the systems and accessories that help to reduce such consumption