Technical film
Technical film

Flexibility and promptness in the research of customized solutions , represent the point of force of Plastik’s Group R&D

This thanks to:

  • Cast and blow pilot lines for monolayer and coextruded films
  • A patented inline compounding system, which allows a straightforward mixing of polymers and fillers, without purchasing compounded materials externally.
  • Laboratories equipped with the most advanced instruments for testing  films and analyzing raw materials
  • Global Knowhow among different markets
  • Partnership with the main Italian institutes of research and with raw material producers

Plastik published 8 Italian and international patents , both of product and of process, and boasts publications in the most important international journals, such as the “ Journal of Applied Polymer Science”

EP3650218 - EP3571043 - EP2591904 - EP1629958 - EP2318193 - EP1234564 - IT1141652 - IT1234305

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Technical film