Plastik was founded in 1961 and is a family owned group. At first it produced packaging bags for the family company whose main production was composed by buttons, toys and plastic products.

From 1961 Plastik specialized in the transformation of raw materials, thanks to the introduction of new and innovative facilities like machines for the extrusion of plastic films, flexographic printing lines as well as automatic machines for the furniture.


In 1973 Mr. Gianangelo Cattaneo was nominated managing director of the family company. In an ever changing market Gianangelo’s strategy positioned Plastik as a crucial facilitator in the development of new products and technologies.

Plastik now has long-term partnerships with customers, machine producers and suppliers of raw materials.


In the 80s Plastik became fully involved in the hygiene market and concentrated more than 90% of its production on bags and technical films for napkins and sanitary towels.


In 1988 Plastik founded the Agricultural Department in Modugno (Bari), which is still devoted to the production of specific patented films for the protection, anticipation and postponement of the growing of grapes, cherries and red fruits.


In 1994 Plastik changed its offices and moved from the centre to the suburbs, near the interurban road axis, in a very new and modern structure that suits the market needs both in organizational and logistical terms.


In 1998 a new company, Plastik Textile, belonging to the same group and devoted to the production of breathable films, was founded. As pioneers in Europe, Plastik Textile installed the first Cast line for breathable film and a lamination line with patented technology in order to put the breathable film together with various nonwoven materials.


Founded in 2010, Plastik Nord Afrique is another important challenge towards an international reality.


Plastik Group’s choice to support and massively finance the R&D activity is an important sign showing how this way of thinking can become a dimension of the company essence.

This is the way in which Plastik Group is facing development and growth through constant, resolute and endless steps in order to deal with new markets.

We can’t live in the present, we must look at future." (Gianangelo Cattaneo, chief executive).