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Our product quality, the technological innovation, the search for materials and our employees’ professionalism are all elements that guarantee to Plastik the possibility to be a reference point for the main operators in the hygienic market.
Our family roots as well as our open-mindedness towards future represent a successful mix that draws attention to the necessities and professional competences of our staff.

Insertion process and training

The insertion of new employees requires a training period and after that a brief evaluation of their skills in order to favour their good integration in the office or in the destination department and then in the entire company. A peculiar attention is given to themes like quality and security and, together with them, to the technical necessities in maintaining and developing the new employees’ growing process within an instructive plan at company level.
Flexibility, spirit of enterprise, self-confidence, time management and problem solving are among those professional and personal competences to which we pay attention in the selection and insertion of new employees, being persuaded that they represent an added value for a company like Plastik that wants to remember its roots, but at the same time, aims at winning its challenges to be a leader in its reference market.

Stage for secondary schools and universities’ students

With the intention to have an effective collaboration with the territory, Plastik gives the opportunity of a stage period within the company to secondary school and to university students, while preparing their degree examinations or as a post-degree experience.

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