Our Skills

Technical knowledge acquired over the years and available to customers ensures that high level assistance in analysis is offered and immediate solutions are found to new product requirements.
The Plastik companies are controlled and managed through the ISO 9001:2015 Quality System.

A dedicated team provides customers with technical assistance. This team makes use of the full range of cutting-edge tools available in Plastik’s in-house laboratories that determine the chemical, physical and mechanical properties of the product.

A technical-graphic design assistance service is offered, thanks also to the close collaboration with several of Europe’s most important photopolymer producers.

Quality system

By means of the Quality system, the procedures, processes and resources needed to implement quality management are controlled, including all activities that, directly or indirectly, contribute to quality.

This model is based on quality management principles that lead to performance enhancement:

  • customer orientation
  • leadership
  • staff involvement
  • approach by processes
  • systemic approach to management
  • continual improvement
  • decisions based on factual information
  • mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers

Technical assistance

The analytical capabilities of our laboratories comply with the methods most used in the sector of reference (ASTM, ISO, EDANA) and are above all (but not only) dedicated to health, hygiene and medical sectors in compliance with the most stringent requirements of our customers. The high technical level achieved and the skills of a dedicated team ensure that even the most complex and sophisticated analyses are carried out in-house so that the greatest amount of information is obtained in the shortest time possible.
The purpose of this organization is to formulate the best technical solution for fully satisfying the customer’s needs in the shortest time possible.

Technical-graphic design assistance

An in-house technical office is available to the customer and the supplier of photopolymers so that a new project may be efficiently organized within suitable times and in the most appropriate way in order to achieve the best results during production. The graphic design assistance service is guaranteed from the birth of an idea to the creation of the final product.

GRAPHIC DESIGN OFFICE: Creation of a product from an idea or customer support in the first stage of defining certain details
GRAPHIC FILE RECEPTION: From any platform and availability on request of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) system
WEB CENTER: On request: management of projects via internet for various authorized users
3D PDF: The three-dimensional virtual pack to be viewed on one’s own PC, suitable for analysing any last-minute alterations before proceeding to platemaking
GMG FLEXOPROOF: Certified screened printing proofs
KODAK APPROVAL: Screened printing proof carried out on medium of product to realize
ENGRAVING: Elastomer, Flexo sleeve, Rubber, Optiflex Thin sleeve
HD FLEXO 4000 dpi: Digital photopolymers engraved at 4000 dpi
STORAGE: Files for each job are kept for 10 years