Technical Films - Hygienic Division

Barrier film and backsheet

Our barrier film, a blend of PE and PP, is used in sanitary napkins and gives a high protection from liquids, even when it has a very low thickness.
Our film assures an excellent runnability and a perfect compatibility with the new generation of nonwoven tissues.
It can be supplied in various thicknesses and colours following the customers’ requests.

Our backsheet film is the result of several evolutions that give us a product with a peculiar softness and a very good runnability.
The most modern technology, the possibility to work in coextrusion and the ongoing search of new resins permit to obtain a perfect compromise between reduction of thicknesses, runnability and end product result.
The product is supplied with micro embossing and colours in masterbatch or printed, as per customer’s request.

Available supports

  • Transparent (for barrier film)
  • White with controlled covering indicator
  • Coloured with controlled covering indicator
  • Biodegradable

Printing technology

  • Flexo