Technical Films - Agricultural Division

Orolene® Film for Agricultural Division

Orolene® is a technical film characterized by two lateral bands and a central one with a high grade of thickness. All of them are obtained by a single melting, thanks to a patented process and without any other harmful working cycles.
The eyeleting is made by linking together grommets and washers in order to guarantee a good anchorage.
Every film is branded with the name of the company and the identification code, indicating the article and the manufacturing year.


Protezione Resistenza Meccanica Resistenza ai raggi Ultravioletti Alta trasmissione della luce


Diffusivi Fotoselettivi Termici
The selection of ideal features in order to obtain a performing film, according to the customer’s requests, is carried out through a pre-post selling service, guaranteed by Plastik technicians who are able to support the customer in defining every detail.

  • Film thickness from 140µm to 210 µm
  • Lateral and central bands thickness from 350µm to 750µm
  • Eyes distance from 33cm to 60cm
  • Film width from 2100mm to 3500mm
  • “OROLENE” branded
  • Year of manufacturing and bled code of practise
  • OROLENE is in accordance with the reference law UNI EN 13206