Plastik agricultural division: Plastik and Ginegar sign a distribution agreement for Oroplus®.

An important goal concerning Oroplus®’ international distribution has been reached in the past few days. Plastik SPA and Ginegar Plastic Products LTD signed an agreement whose target is to globally promote and improve Oroplus®’ awareness as well as its techniques.

The Project began in 2013 and heads towards several promotional actions that will be launched during all 2014 in different countries such as South, Center and North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East.

The agreement, in addition to promote Oroplus®’ techniques for Grapes’ and Cherries’ cultures, involves the transfer of Plastik’s know-how acquired in more than 30 years of field experiences to Ginegar’s commercial and agronomical team.

Both Plastik SPA and Ginegar Plastic Products LTD represent two of the major Companies in the Plastic market; each of them has a long-standing experience gained after more than 50 years of work with internationally renowned Business Partners.

Oroplus® will open the possibility to the two Companies to join an Excellence product to one of the most competent and organized commercial network in the whole agricultural market.
Oroplus® will be added to Ginegar Plastic Products LTD’s catalogue that, nowadays, is one of the most complete for films and nets typologies it shows.

During this step, Plastik will continue to produce the product while Ginegar Plastic Products LTD will manage the sale in the whole Export Area.