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Film For Protection, anticipation and postponement of growing

Constant growth

For over 20 years Plastik Advanced s.r.l. has been devoting important resources to Research and Development in order to produce special films to protect, anticipate as well as to postpone the growing of grapes, cherries and red fruits. Our technical knowledge and the results we obtained after many years of research in the hygienic field give us the possibility to have a direct contact with the main producers of raw materials. Today Orolene® films represent the best result we reached thanks to an important and constant collaboration between our technicians and the main producers of raw materials in the world. All this allows us to offer a product that is constantly updated, has a high quality and can satisfy the requirements of an ever changing agricultural market.

These covering films have two important functions: thanks to them, it’s possible to deal with new and unpredictable climate changes and with the abrupt change of the seasons, while protecting the harvests from the damages caused by atmospheric events such as rain and hails. This protective function reduces the risk of disease for fruits and plants and limits the use of detrimental pesticides.

They give the possibility to manage the different periods of maturation, depending on the season, in order to have a high quality product in advance or in delay, compared to the usual period of harvesting.

Plastik Advanced s.r.l. has a special production unit in Mudugno (BA). Our choice to have a secondment in the South of Italy was strategic, since it allowed us maintain a close contact with the environment that is interested in the use of covering products.