Technical Films - Hygienic Division

Breathable backsheet film

Our breathable film is a microporous film produced with the most modern technologies. These plants are devoted to the production of films, where a controlled breathability is required.

At the end of the 90s this breathable technology was introduced in Europe by Plastik, which massively contributed to the development of the backsheet film in the hygienic market.

This film adds a key advantage to the typical properties of a traditional film: a breathability level in line with what the customer requires for the realization of the product.
The breathable technology enables air and vapour to go freely through it, being at the same time an excellent liquid barrier.

Thanks to its composition, the film has a specific softness and is considered a substitute of the traditional backsheet film, which is either non breathable for certain products or laminated during the realization of the final product.

The uniqueness of this available technology allows us to find personalized solutions in order to obtain the best results in line with the customer’s needs.
The product can be supplied with colours in masterbatch or printed, as per customer’s request.

Available film supports

  • White with controlled covering indicator
  • Coloured with controlled covering indicator
  • Breathable with controlled breathability indicator

Printing technology

  • Flexo