Technical Films - Agricultural Division

Oroplus® for Agricultural Division

Oroplus represents the R&D best result of an important project, raised in 2006.
Plastik Advanced s.r.l.technicians have worked to create a completely automated manufacturing plant, one of a kind all over the world. These efforts allow us to offer a thickness-reduced film, which respects the mechanical features for the final use. It has thickened central and lateral bands, not stuck by glue and without grommets.


Protezione Resistenza Meccanica Resistenza ai raggi Ultravioletti Alta trasmissione della luce


Diffusione Fotoselezione Termicità
The selection of ideal features to obtain a performing film according to the customer requests is carried out through a pre-post selling service, guaranteed by Plastik technicians who are able to support the customer in defining every detail.

  • Film thickness from 120µm to 190µm
  • Lateral and central bands thickness >than 450µm
  • Film width from 2100mm to 3500mm
  • OROPLUS is in accordance with the reference law UNI EN 13206